Call Me By Your Name by André Aciman | #MusicMonday

For our first ever #MusicMonday Book Mix, I wanted to pick a book I just recently finished. Here’s some tunes I was thinking of when I was reading Call Me By Your Name by André Aciman.

By: Julia Agris

If you remember our answers to the #10thingsthatmakemehappy tag I do love me a good playlist! So I wanted to share my most recent one – it’s a book mix about one of my most recent reads this year.

Call Me By Your Name, by André Aciman, is about a budding romance between Elio and his family’s summer guest, Oliver, somewhere in Italy. The book has been picking up momentum since its movie counterpart has been Oscar nominated for Best Picture, Actor (Timothée Chalamet) and Writing Adapted Screenplay.

After I read the book I immediately watched the movie and as beautifully written the story was I liked the film a bit better because it was nice putting a face to the characters in their little paradise utopia. It was nice seeing interactions between the characters too as I love Elio’s family. Timothée Chalamet does a great job bringing the superbly intelligent but awkward Elio to life – an Oscar nom well deserved!

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The book itself was an emotional whirlwind! Reading teenage Elio’s inner thoughts – and sometimes turmoil – as he pines over Oliver was so explicit that I felt like I was reading his unfiltered diary. It felt so personal and was lyrical but also heartbreakingly sad. Aciman emotionally pulls you many ways as you stumble through Elio’s coming of age story/ sexual awakening set in a dreamy Italian summer.

So here’s my Book Mix full of tunes featuring some of my favourite musicians that I thought of while reading the novel:

You can buy Call Me By Your Name here and follow me on Spotify here.

Author: Julia Agris

I am a uOttawa Communications grad from Mississauga who is suffering from wanderlust. I can be caught spending too much time laughing about surreal nonsense, reading up on social issues, bopping to oldies (but goodies), joining fandoms and reblogging for the aesthetic. I live for the 90's and all things that involve rolling for initiative. I am a twenty-six year old photographer who likes to find happiness in the little things. I can be found in either Ottawa or the GTA depending on the season.

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