Joe Rabbit | #ThrowbackThursday

The LIAs once interviewed Joe Rabbit, under the name Kaiser, back in 2015. Here’s the video interview as a throwback.

Joseph Rabbat, of Joe Rabbit, is a dear friend of ours who started off in the Ottawa scene and made the move to Montreal in pursuit of something more.


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“Do You Want To” by Franz Ferdinand | #ThrowbackThursday

Time for a throwback: “Do You Want To” by Franz Ferdinand. Here’s some fashion inspired by the silk jackets from the music video.

By: Julia Agris

Franz Ferdinand reminds me so much of tenth grade history class. One of my teachers made a joke about the assassination of “Franz Ferdinand… the Archduke, not the band”  and I was the only one that laughed.

Now that really takes me back.

I remember being an avid MuchMusic watcher and Franz Ferdinand used to play quite often. Their music video for “Do You Want To”, off of You Could Have It So Much Better, came out in 2005.


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